Are flexible offices the future of work?

In today’s technologically advancing environment, people prefer an office with flexible work schedules, discipline and activities, which gives them a personal space of their own so that it can boost productivity. Are flexible offices really the future of work? Let’s find out.

Why are flexible offices preferred?

Out of 24 hours in a day, people are known to spend 10 hours in their office. A flexible office with a flexible working atmosphere helps employees meet their needs and requirements. So what are flexible office spaces? Flexible office spaces are shared spaces that have all the relevant basic equipment’s and infrastructure that is required to work in. Flexible office spaces like Serviced offices from Loc8 in Liverpool street are known to be really popular among start-up companies would like to do with fewer investments at the beginning.

Why were flexible offices built?

Flexible office spaces were initially built so that an employee who preferred working from home as well as a remote location could work externally for a few hours or some day, weeks or months. This kind of space required no investment apart from the monthly rental charges. All kind of maintenance, equipment’s, assistants, receptionists and accessories were bore by the serviced offices themselves. Nowadays, flexible serviced offices have taken up large amount of spaces all over the world including London, with the help of structural engineering companies like Newtecnic. Flexible hours is also great for companies that hire people such as cleaners in London. The scattered hours means that cleaners can come in anytime without having to lock and unlock the office themselves.

The benefits of flexible office

  • Flexible office spaces allow remote working employees to work from a different place altogether as per their convenience. Instead of sticking onto one desk, they can move from place to place and can also work elsewhere. He would not have to visit the main office. This not only increases employee satisfaction bit also increases performance, speed and efficiency
  • Flexible working spaces are known to cater to various kinds of employees from various business sectors. They share the same building and the same office as well. This can also help in fostering good relationships among people and also know about a new profession altogether.
  • Flexible office spaces are located in fully equipped premises which comprises of all required equipment’s, a 24 hour phone with an operator and a receptionist, entertainment zones like cafeterias and smoking areas and more.
  • Flexible offices are also known to have a lot of cost saving factors that help in reducing overheads. All expenses are amalgamated in one monthly fixed fee. This makes easier to manage as far as budget is concerned and efficiency as well.

Though flexible office is a totally new concept, it is being adopted by a number of offices and upcoming businesses. Traditional offices are a long gone concept and a number of traditional landlords are also offering flexible workspace as they are much more convenient and in demand. There are various clients who have seasonal businesses and some may also have larger teams for limited period of time and specific projects. This is the ideal situation when a flexible serviced office may be required.

Flexible offices are thus, definitely the future of work with so many new businesses, companies and work from home and freelancing jobs.