Become a smart Business electricity consumer with automatic electric meter reading system

smart meter

With the increasing electricity bills, there raises the need to and cut it down. It may spoil your monthly budget in your office. It’s no point of being careful with electricity consumption until you have the right solution or metering device. The use of power efficient electric products may, however, contribute to reducing the bill to some extent, but you have to be more careful when installing an electric meter in your home or office. An automated smart electric meter reading system gives you a cost-effective solution to your ever increasing bill and freedom to use various electric products you have in your home or office. It’s better to check out your daily power consumption than to be surprised with the electricity bill at the end of the month. In most of the cases, users never know what their daily power consumption is especially in a business set up.

All the power distribution companies install either prepaid or postpaid meters (more info: at the consumers’ end to correctly monitor or measure the electricity units, consumed in a particular month. Those having a prepaid meter in their premises generally buy a voucher for the desired amount to use a given number of electricity units. On the contrary, a postpaid meter allows the users to pay electricity bills at the end of the month. One of the major hurdles with the traditional meters is that they can’t withstand the overload conditions. This is what raises the need of installing a smarter meter reading system that comes fitted with a kill switch to limit our energy consumption. The system can also prevent overloading and damaging our expensive electrical appliances.

An electric meter is a device, globally used to measures the amount of electric energy. No matter whether you want an electric meter for your residence or business, an automated smart electric meter reading system is the smartest ever device. EZ Meter is a leading company that offers various types of electric metering systems, software and serial communication devices for both, residential and commercial use. Depending on your different electricity consumption, you can buy these systems in various specifications.

You can evaluate your electricity usage by noting down the meter readings of each month. Deduce the present reading from the last month’s reading to find the power your home appliances and electrical devices have consumed. To convert the calculated figures to currency, multiply the results by the cost per unit of your area.

Confusion may crop up while reading the meter reading. Often, the indicator of the meter points to a value that is not exact. For example, the pointer may mark a value between the numbers 3 and 4. In such a case, take the preceding number in your record. If however, the indicator points to an absolute number then observe the value on the next dial. A value above 0 (zero) on the next deal confirms the preceding number. In case, the number on the next dial also appears between two exact values then check the value on the subsequent dial.

These meters are installed with automated meter reading software that enables the meter to report kilowatt hours and polarity. The best thing about the meters is that they can be connected as per your convenience. The offered software is known in the market for featuring high accuracy, easy installation, and user-friendliness. You can avail this software at pocket-friendly prices.
These meters are the perfect choice for your office usage.

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