How to apply for a disclosure and barring service check?

DBS or the Disclosure and Barring Service have been helping with safer and better recruitment process. This public body of the Home Office of the UK helps the public, private and voluntary organizations for recruiting only those candidates who are eligible for the work, especially involving children, senior citizens and vulnerable adults.

A safer recruitment process is encouraged by DBS checks

The DBS bars those individuals and candidates from getting recruited with criminal records. In fact, candidates with the unsuitable behaviour are also not allowed to get hired for getting associated with children, and vulnerable adults. The Disclosure and Barring Service is known to have a wide access to criminal record information about people and organizations throughout England and Wales because of the disclosure service.

The types of Disclosure and Barring checks

You can demand for the Disclosure Barring Service check when you hire someone for child care or health care of individuals. There are mainly three different types of DBS check that can be carried out to find any criminal records of the said person. They are:

  1. A standard check
  2. An enhanced check
  3. Enhanced with barred lists check

You cannot apply your own check

You cannot apply for the above mentioned three checks for yourself, especially when you are self employed. But there are options for you that are available.

  • You can ask for a basic check
  • In case you are associated with certain roles that involves children and vulnerable adults, you can request the organization you are employed for executing your DBS check.
  • In case, your work involves looking after and caring for the children, you can request a check through the Ofsted.

How can you apply for a check?

Depending on the number of checks you undertake in a year, you can apply for the check.

  • If you are involved in less than 100 checks in a year, you must request for the Umbrella Body.
  • When there are 100 or more than 100 checks all through the year, you can either go with the Umbrella Body, or even register with the Disclosure and Barring Service.

What is the duration of the checks?

Usually, the duration of the Disclosure and Barring Service checks take around 8 weeks. But there are certain situations when the time period required can be longer. The situations include:

  • The check needs to be verified by the police forces.
  • Incorrect or wrong details and information are provided for the check.

There is no scope of getting a faster check by paying more.

Are you into care services for adults?

When you are involved in the care services for vulnerable adults, you have the option to avail the check known as the DBS Adult First. The check gets confirmed within 48 hours. The candidate can begin working as long as the supervision is held. The candidate has to wait for the enhanced check results. The cost of the DBS check will be more, by 6 pounds.